Cockfosters, EN4

We are proposing to transform the car parks at Cockfosters Underground station, helping to harmonise the two distinct zones that define the local area – the Urban and the Green. Our proposals seek to bring Trent Park into the site creating an open, green space accessible to future and existing residents. The designs draw on inspiration from the surrounding architecture to provide 351 quality homes the Capital desperately needs without encroaching on the Greenbelt.



Project Status: Resolved to Grant Planning Permission


Preparing to deliver quality rental homes in Enfield

Our Proposals at Cockfosters

We have an opportunity to deliver 351 homes for rent, and by including around 4,000sqm of green, open space we can expand the impact the beautiful Trent Park landscape has on Cockfosters. The development will also benefit from immediate access to the High Street setting on Cockfosters Road and excellent transport connections into central London.

40% Affordable



Ranging from spacious 1 beds to family-sized homes

over 4,000sqm open space


Supporting the local AREA


  • May 2019
  • June 2019
  • January 2020
  • January 2020
  • May 2020
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  • January 2021
  • June 2021
  • July 2021
  • Cockfosters announced

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    In May 2019 Connected Living London unveiled Cockfosters as one of our first-generation sites.

  • Meet the team

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    Christ Church House, 19 June 2019

    At the earliest opportunity, we opened a dialogue with the local community; we introduced the team, shared our initial thinking and, most importantly, listened to people who know the site well

  • Our Public Consultation

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    Christ Church House, 16 & 18 January 2020

    In January 2020, we hosted a Public Exhibition where people could view and comment on our proposals for the first time. Around 35,000 people were notified and we spoke to 469 people across the two days which helped us gain valuable insight into Cockfosters. You can view the exhibition boards here


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    Alongside the Public Exhibition, we championed digital consultation to encourage participation making it easier for people to share their ideas. Over 850 people responded to our polls and their feedback helped us develop our proposals


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    Following our engagement with local residents, community groups, and local councillors, we collated and reviewed the feedback received. Between March and May 2020, we considered how we could respond to the comments; as a result, we reduced the number of units further – we started at over 400, which became 370 and is now 351 – and we lowered the height of the building on Cockfosters Road from 14 to 10 storeys.

  • Public engagement

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    After analysing the feedback received from the local community and elected representatives we updated our proposals. In May 2021, we shared the revised plans with community groups, local councillors and others.

  • Updated programme

    The pandemic delayed our programme, and we took the opportunity to revise our programme and revisit some elements of the application that the community remained concerned about.

  • Public engagement

    Prior to submitting our application to Enfield Council, we shared our updated proposals with the local community, elected representatives and community groups. The application includes a drop-off/pick-up zone, alongside 47 parking spaces – including 12 spaces reserved for Blue Badge holders. We also increased the number of 3beds by 40%.

  • Planning application validated

    Enfield Council validated our planning application on 06 July 2021 and invited comments via its online portal.

Our proposals will transform the spaces around the station and provide a new Cycle Hub, while our design opens up access to Trent Park and the London Outer Orbital Path.

Sustainable Development

At CLL, sustainable means more than the environment. It’s also about delivering for the local economy, and about designing a scheme with and for the existing community and about improving their quality of life. At Cockfosters, our commitment to the economic, environmental, and social means we can maximise the positive impacts transforming the car parks will have, such as reducing congestion and improving air quality.


Promote active travel

Our proposals make it easier and safer for people to walk and cycle

Enhanced building performance

homes designed to reduce energy, water and waste consumption

Greening and landscaping

over 4,000sqm of green, open space existing and future residents

Home Quality Mark 4 or above

Indicates high standards for running costs, health and wellbeing

Connected Living at Cockfosters

The homes being built will be connected to the world around them, with super-fast broadband and smart home technology could be integrated into the apartments

Our homes at Cockfosters will be ideally located. They will benefit from being next to the Tube station which is served by the Piccadilly line, and local residents will also be able to take advantage of the excellent bus routes and cycle network in the local area

At Cockfosters, we’re proposing a variety of internal and external shared amenity spaces for our residents, including a roof terrace, gym, and workspace. All Connected Living London residents will  be able to access the shared resident amenity space at our developments; for example, if you live at Cockfosters but an appointment takes you to Ealing, you could work at our Southall development

Homes at Cockfosters will be designed to encourage resident interaction and the establishment of new communities, both within the building and with the surrounding area. Connected Living London is providing long-term, flexible tenancies, that will provide certainty for our residents so they can really feel at home in Cockfosters

Cockfosters Road

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Cockfosters tube station, Barnet EN4 0DZ, UK