Southall Sidings, UB1

Situated within the Southall Opportunity Area the site has been identified as an appropriate location to build the new homes that Ealing needs. There is an opportunity to create somewhere that combines the characteristics unique to Southall with homes specifically designed for renters. The site itself is adjacent to the railway, and is currently being used for storage and associated Crossrail works.

The Proposals

The partnership is proposing to build 460 homes in Southall, 40% of which will be affordable. All CLL homes will be specifically designed for renters, and will include a range of resident amenity space where people can work, relax and socialise. The surrounding area will be made to feel safer by transforming this brownfield site into an active community with easy access to Southall Park.

40% Affordable

priority for those living or working in ealing


From spacious 1 beds to family-sized homes

Safer environment

With appropriate lighting & CCTV, and improved natural surveillance

Resident Amenity Space

Including a lounge, gym, and workspace for all residents to enjoy

The proposals provide new street lighting to keep residents safer at night, better visibility as the site is opened up along Park Avenue, new natural surveillance from street-facing homes and improved connectivity to the local community.

Sustainable Development

At CLL, sustainable means more than the environment. It’s also about delivering for the local economy, and about designing a scheme with and for the existing community and about improving their quality of life. At Southall, the partnership’s commitment to the economic, environmental, and social means it can maximise the positive impacts developing the site will have, such as improved security and a greener environment.


Green roofs
will improve biodiversity and help mitigate local air pollution
climate resilience

homes designed to minimise overheating

Greening & landscaping

135 new trees will be planted to enhance the local environment

Innovative energy strategy
51.8% more efficient than traditional energy systems

Connected Living at Southall Sidings

The homes being built will be connected to the world around them, with super-fast broadband and smart home technology could be integrated into the apartments

The homes at Southall Sidings will be ideally located. They will benefit from being in close proximity to local bus routes, and Southall station which provides access to the Elizabeth Line and National Rail services

At Southall Sidings, the proposals include a variety of internal and external shared amenity spaces for all residents to enjoy, including a roof terrace, gym, and workspace.

At Southall Sidings we are designing homes that will encourage residents to interact and the amenity space will help promote community between our residents. Our residents will also be connected to each other digitally making it easier to get to know one another

Southall Sidings
Park Avenue

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Southall UB1 3AF, UK